Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Cricket In India

Cricket In India...

Cricket is become religion in India. Cricketers became like god for Indian people. It is right that Hooky is our national game. Cricket is gift by British people or it is national game of England. When we think about colonial or postcolonial aspect we found that how our mind is controlled by colonial people. We found that national game of England is more popular in India, which is once colonized by people of England. So, indirectly cricket is anti-national thing. How conditioning of mind or effect of colonization is still found in mind of Indian people. In past time people think that British people are superior, now game of cricket is become superior than our national game because it is national game of superior people. We can say that Hockey is national game of India and Cricket is “Religion” game of India.

        Now a days we found that so many fight for cricket, many people constantly set near the T.V. on the days of cricket, even in exam time we found that student are also watching cricket on T.V. I never understand that why people are watching and enjoying game of cricket. (It is also right that I can’t understand it, and I am not agents of game of cricket). On the days of cricket match we found crowd of people not working, they only see cricket and it is like public holy days in the days of cricket.

        I think that it is also impact of globalization, it is right that we have to become liberal and accept everything from other nation. But we have to give respect to out things also, Indian people are playing or enjoying cricket but people have to give respect and play hockey also. We found that some children don’t know about hockey, how to play hockey? Hockey is our national game. It is very shameful for Indian people.        

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