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What I think about movie “Sultan”

What I think about movie “Sultan”

The movie “Sultan” is directed by Ali Abbas Zafar and producer is Aditya Chopra under the banner of Yash Raj films. It released in 2016. Main roll is by Salman Khan, and Anuska Sharma work as female protagonist. This is very popular film among the people.
Here I try to red it with feminine view or perspective. When I was watching this movie, I remember one Gujarati proverb or idiom is that “Ek Safal Purush ni Pachal Hamesh ek Stree no Hath Hoy Che.” It means there is woman stand behind the every successful man. Women always support and also sacrifice for happiness and success of her husband, son, and father.
During the first screening of movie, we can see that when Alfa meet Sultan. Sultan is nothing; he is just like street boy, and his job as Dish T.V. worker. But when Alfa meet him, and ask him who are you? What is your gal or aim of life? At the same time she has aim in her life. She wants to be state champion in Kushti. Also want to take part in Olympic Games. After that warble fight with Alfa there is huge storm in mind of Sultan. He started thinking on that duration; yes I won’t have any gall in my life. Then he decided to be “Pahelvan” (wrestler). Then Alfa also help him to be wrestler, and achieve state championship. He also became world champion after getting marriage with Alfa. Both are working and champion also.
My point is that when they have applied for world championship. At that time Alfa become pregnant. Her life is totally changed. She has her own dreams but because of her husband’s happiness she has to do sacrifice. She leaves her dream to fulfill the dream of her husband. We found that there is deep very reflect in her father’s talk. Because her father also wishes that he have one boy child and he want to make him world champion. But mother of Alfa gives birth to girl child. Her father wants to make her also champion. He thinks that is she becomes pregnant then she is not able to participate in championship. Alfa have to fulfill her dream, and then she has to do abortion. But she looks at the happiness on the face of her husband. She leaves her dream to be world champion.
She does sacrifice for hue husband. But Sultan never thinks about that sacrifice and happiness of Alfa. He only thinks about his success and dreaming about the birth of his ‘Boy child’. Even at the ending part we can see that it is motivation of Alfa give him carriage and strength to fight and win.

When we think about that Gujarati idiom, Alfa is responsible for the success of Sultan. Without Alfa, Sultan is not ‘The Sultan’ she gives him right path of life. Her argument and fight lead him towards his success and make him famous. Alfa plays very vital role in the life of Sultan and his journey of wrestling. But the name of the movie is ‘Sultan’ based on the name of hero of the movie. No doubt that it is Sultan’s hard work but for this he needs some direction which is given by Alfa. Alfa shows right path for heard working. But in this mail dominant Indian society, nobody notes this sacrifice of women. Because it is very common among the Indian people, because it is condition of mind of both male and female that women has do sacrifice for family and husband. They think what is new in this thing. Every Indian not only India but in the world women are doing sacrifice, it is with different name. It happened some time women don’t want to do this kind of sacrifice. But society makes women “an idol of sacrifice” (Tyagni Murti).                          

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