Saturday, 13 December 2014

“Faith is a fine invention
When Gentleman can see
But microscopes are
Prudent in an emergency.”
In the very first line, as we know that faith is not invention of Human being, it is part of Human being.  Here Human emotion compared with technology, which is made by Humans. Faith is metaphor in this poem. Poem is symbolic one. Faith is human emotion how it can invent. On the other hand, there is also question raise in my mind if humans are not inventing the faith, God invents it? How Only Gentleman can see?  Why women cannot see? Faith is same emotion for every humans so why not same for all? It is clear that Microscope shows us very little things that we cannot see easily on the surface and but it cannot see faith of person. In other meaning when we think to put faith on somebody, we cannot do it directly without use of microscope. But In emergency, can we think about person? On which we have a faith, and at that time we use microscope and yet it is helpful for us.            


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