Wednesday, 22 July 2015

“Chel Chabilo Gujarati”

Review of the Gujarati Drama
This is very good Gujarati play. This play is very funny but also shows harsh reality and dark said of the Indian society. Here is three or four seen which make this play interesting, also heart touching. In this play there is a seen; one saint visited one Gujarati man. There is a character name Upendra Rana, he is very funny positive and free minded person. Saint wants to change this person; he says that Upendra is bad person, because Upendra think beyond the boundary of religion and society. But at the end of the play Upendra win.
In one seen Upendra teach game of chess to a girl, she is follower of saint. Her name is Gita. He says to her that the horse always walks two and half step and elephant walk two steps. At that time she asked one question, why all this walks only on that way? Why they don’t change their steps. In the answer of her question he says that, if horse wish to walk two and half or not, but he must to walk in this way only same for all. In the society we also found that if man wish to do or not to do but they must or fours to do it. He also says that “Man (wish) ne mari ne nahi jivvanu” through this he give biggest lesson of life.
Then in other seen he says that if god gives us this beautiful world, testy and delicious food for eating, god also gives variety of cloths and many other things for entertainment. He says that avoiding all this things we do insult of god, it’s kind of insulting god. Because god itself give eyes for see all things and give tank for eating this delicious food. So if you avoid this entire thing god become angry on you. God gives tank, so he provides food also. So don’t go to ‘satvika bhojan’.
Third one is the last speech of saint Atmaram bapu. In his speech he clarified what the actual situation is of saint? Why they become saint, because no one is saint from the birth. But the world or the society makes them saint. Here saint is not great one but he is normal ‘kathakar’. Society makes him great saint from common man. Saint wants to live common life. He wants to cry, lough loudly but he can’t do because he is saint. He force fully lives “sayamit jivan” and “satvikta bhojan”. He wishes to free from the sainthood. Here is one beautiful ide, that now a day’s people having “family guru”, it becomes craze among the people as same having ‘family doctor’.
In this drama we also found feminism, suppuration of the girl who comes with saint Gita. And also the speech of Usha devi, first she is also follower of saint but at last she realized that what is the reality of saint. In her speech she gives good argument regarding the question which rose on female by all Indian saints, what they think a bough woman. She says that, saint always gives advice to live ‘sauyamit jivan’ and ‘stay away from women’ they also says that women are the ‘gate of hell (naraka)’ and the people blindly followed saint. People don’t think that through woman they come in to the world without woman they can’t see the world, in other word women are gate but not of hell but gate through which they come in to the world.
This is the very brief over view of the play ‘Chel Chabilo Gujarati’ according to me. In short this play is very comic but also shows the harsh reality of the Indian society. Also shows Gujarati person won the fight from rude saint.


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