Friday, 18 December 2015

Review about the Movie "TAMASHA"

Movie Review

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When I was watching movie “Tamasha”, what I found is, the plot structure of the movie is well, and we found that the narrator of the story is the character of the story (intra narrative technique). I think that movie and literature both are same, movie is a kind of literature. Movie and Literature both are tells the story and reflect the society and culture.
       In the very beginning of the movie there is a little boy who is very curious for listen different stories. Every day he visits one Old man offers him some money and Old man tells the story to boy. One day Old man mixed two stores, English story and Indian story. At that time boy tell him that this is another story. What is the reply of the Old man is very interesting, that ‘stories are stories’. Stories are remain same everywhere. As same we found in literature that the stories are same but name, place, character and culture are different. For example, the story of Hester and Meera, American have story Hester and we Indian have story of Meerabai. Story of Hester Meera, Kunti, Sita and other are some different, but what they teach us is same things. So, what old man says is true, that stories are same. Another thing is Old man says is “Apni kahani khud bnao, muje kya puch rahe ho apni khani” indirectly it suggests that live your life the way you want to live, don’t ask any one.
       Other thing I found in this movie is about human psychology and social effects. Here in movie there is dual face of man. The hero of movie also has dual face one is what he is in real and another is what society make him. In original Dev (a hero of movie) is very notorious and free from all kind of bounties of society. Another one is totally different from original one well-behaved, cultured and with manners. In the ending part of the movie, there is one girl name Tara who is heroin of the movie. She told Dev that ‘you are not who you are, you are different from this Dev.’
       It shows how person leave their original personality. How the drama of goodness become real personality of person. A person wear mask of cultured and well behavior, slowly it becomes real face of person and real personality of person is hide behind this mask. We can say that conditioning of mind. In short a person cannot live life as she/he wants to live but someone introduce them their real personality. As in movie when Tara introduce Dev to his original personality, she gives one spark that you are something eels. Be whatever you are.
       Here some other symbols are found like, ‘Boss’, ‘tie’ and many other things. Boss is symbol of power. In our life power plays very vital role in human life. Person or employer must follow the rules of Boss and also society, and do what is wish of Boss. Tie is kind of boundary or binary and chain for workers, which is control by Boss. Say for example we have belt for dogs on their neck, through which we control dog. Why we do all this things? In movie there is one interesting monolog of Dev is ‘Yeh Paisa na hota to Kaisa hota?’ why people stated behaving like ‘Robots’, because of money. We found in busy daily life man becomes Robot. In the movie words like ‘ordinary, mediator, smile pulse, walk, stop, average this all words shows how person live their life.
       ‘Apni race khud chuno fir dekho, tum asani se jitoge.’  At the end of the movie Tara gets one chit that “DON IS RETURNS” it suggests that original Dev is returns. Here we can say that how one person (spark) changes your life. At the end he says that I am born as DON but society makes me genital and cultured man.
        At conclusion I want to says that it is very good movie. In the beginning of the movie we found that there are two characters one is joker and another is robot. It suggests that what the story of the movie is. And the title itself suggests that how society makes ‘TAMASHA’ of one’s life. Rather we can says our life is kind of ‘Tamasha’.                          



  1. Very well explain on movie Tamasha , you also deals with literature points of view. U writes about symbol of ‘Boss’ u little discuss on the concept of Bossism. And u write some original dialogues of movie.