Friday, 28 August 2015

The Mill on the Floss

                              -   By George Eliot (By George Eliot1860)

In this novel we found Victorian effects. Also we can says that autobiographical element of the writer, it means writer express herself through novel. The novel is all around two major character names Maggi and Tom Tulliverboth are brother and sister. The story begins when both are children; both are liv with their family. Mr. Tulliver is the father of Maggi and Tom and owner of the mill. Mrs. Bessy Tulliver is their mother.  We found deep relation and understanding between Tom and Maggi. Maggi love her brother so much. There is a ‘floor mill’ on the bank of river ‘Floss’. Maggi as child she need love but some time we found her mother become angry on her because of this reason she sometime don’t like her mother and aunty (mother’s sister). Aunty always told her that you are manner less girl you haven’t sense of clothing and do this and that, don’t do this, that’s why she become angry. When she was in anger she went to one room in her house, it is her room and in the room there is one doll. She used to beat doll, she behave very badly and rudely with doll. She becomes very cruel withdoll. Her Behavior with doll is because of her supers desire, she can’t raise her voice against her mother and alder one. It is psychology of human nature, that one wants to full fill their desire and suppression is come out very forcefully in any other form. Hear in form of anger her suppression comes out, that’s why she don’t play with doll but she beat it.
                 When she is child she loved her brother and she says that she marry with her brother because she don’t want to leave her brother. She says that he is my brother only. When she becomes mature girl and her attraction toward Philip and she go agents of Tom and Mr. Tulliver. The end of the novel is something different. 


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