Sunday, 24 January 2016

Film review of Midnight's children

Midnight’s Children

“Midnight’s Children” is novel written by Salman Rushdie. The film is directed by Deepa Mehta. The time of the novel and movie is during the partition of India and Pakistan. In the plot we found the story of three generation, story of grandparents, parents, and grandson. Mainly the story deals with, and tells the story of birth and life of Saleem. In film Saleem is the narrator of the story. We found that at the midnight there is birth of many other children, Shiva also. Two children take birth at same time and same hospital. One is belong to very rich family and one is from very poor. But nurse interchange both of them at that time rich become poor and poor became poor. We found that the use of ‘magic realism’ in this novel and film also. Sometime Saleem hears some kind of voice, it says that ‘we are your friends’ we are same like you’ ‘we born at same time’ (we all are midnight’s children). They all are magical children, and midnight’s children. That’s why the all hear each other, Saleem used to talk with them. One of them Shiva (is child with whom Saleem is interchanged) hates Saleem as he is child of rich family, so he used to fight with him. Saleem lives life of Shiva. At the end they both come to know that, they live each other’s life. Adam chilled of Saleem and Parvati also known as child of dignity. In the film Saleem speak one line that “I have much family and nonfamily”. Saleem leave his family and stared live with his mother’s sister and his uncle Zulfikar  Butto.

        When we applied post colonialism in this move, we found the birth of two children is symbolic. Here the birth of India and Pakistan. Politics of Indira is found behind the partition or in the birth of two states. In film we found one thing when partition of India and Pakistan, and the birth of Saleem and Shiva are going on, ‘something is going ending and something taking birth’ here two question that what is ending? And who takes birth? In the film nurse (she is Christian) interchange both child, then rich became poor and poor became rich. During partition of India and Pakistan British people plays vital role (they are also Christian).                                        

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