Tuesday, 19 January 2016

The Birthday Party- by Harold Pinter

 "Play Birthday Party"

The play ‘Birthday Party’ is written by Harold Pinter. This play is known as absurd play. But it is also full of deep philosophy of life. The sine of seducing of Lulu is coming in middle part of the play. But this sine shows nothing and so many things. We found in society this kind of things are happened everyday life. No one notes this kind of thing. Same in move he thinks that it is not necessary or not remarkable. This film is directed by Pinter himself, so he think that this seen was not important maybe this seen was not put in film version.
I have not read original text, but I have seen other film version of novel or play. I think that when we read text with feeling or emotion, with our own imaginative character and seen. When we watch movie of it gives sound effect. And through this sound effect of menace became strong. In a sense, all he gives us is texture the sound and sights of a world without structure; as we are shown clearly in the opening outdoor sequence of the film.  Which seems to be meaningless auction filled with visuals and inchoate sound? The sound of car is heard.
In move we found effect of lurking is gives danger felling. It is found when the game of blind man’s bluff was played in birthday party. It is also connected with the political game. But when we read we can’t feel that much lurking effect but when we visualize it, it essay became effective.
In play we found that Petey read newspaper to Meg. Petey hide himself behind it but newspaper, symbolically he hides himself but in real sense he faces the reality of society. Newspaper is kind of media who shows reality of society. In second seen we found that McCann cut newspaper. Cutting of newspaper is symbol of killing of time. At the last seen those pieces are hidden by Petey, it shows reality of Petey’s mind he hide something from his wife. Newspaper is symbol of communication. Husband and wife trying to make conversation, but it were unsuccessful. McCann rips newspaper in five equal parts.    
In the game of blind man’s bluff, it symbolized that man going in to darkness. Search for his identity or search for his existential identity. In this game glasses of Stanley were broken by McCann, it seems the vision of Stanly was changed by McCann. In film we found that camera is positioned over the head of McCann, through the camera we found that room is very narrow and it’s like cage. It also shows the narrowness of people’s mind.
Truth in art drama is forever elusive. Truth is that there never is any such thing as one truth to be found in dramatic art. This truth challenged each other, recoil from each other, and reflect each other. Sometimes we feel that we have truth for moment, then it slips through our fingers and it lost.
 This film is directed by Pinter himself so the characters all are appropriate.     


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