Thursday, 23 July 2015

what I think about Ramayana

Feministic Reading of “Ramayana”

Everybody knows that “Ramayana” is connected with religion. Here I talk about serials based on Ramayana. I try to read it with the help of feministic perspective. In the Ramayana many women are suppressed, for example, Sita, Urmila and other women. Sita was very happy girl when she lives in her father’s house. She enjoys her life, after her marriage with Lord Rama, who is not normal man. We found that her life is totally ruined. After her marriage she went to “vanvasa” with her husband Ram, she can’t enjoy her life. During vanvas she faces lots of problem. After coming from vanvasa she gives “Agnipariksha” to prove herself. Then she comes to Ayodhya, what happened in Ayodhya there is a “Rama Rajya and PrajaSukhi” but what bought Sita. Once again she forced to go to forest. Every one of RamaRajya is happy but wife of King Rama is not happy. In all Ramayana what is the mistake of Sita. Do you think there is little mistake of Sita. I know Sita do one mistake in her life, is her marriage with Lord Rama. It’s her biggest mistake of her life.

          Another one is Urmila,Luxman’s wife. During vanvas Luxmana told his wife that don’t cry, and don’t west your single drop of tear, and take care of all family members. Sita is lucky because she was in vanvas with her husband, but Urmila live without her husband. What was her felt? Think a bough pain of Urmila. She lives 14 year without her husband and she can’t flows single drop of tears. Nobody remember her, no one think a bough her existent in Ramayana.

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