Friday, 24 July 2015

What is spirit

There is positive spirit which helps us and give energy, inspiration and daring for completed our good work. A person needssomething that in which he or she puts their faith, and get inspiration is god. In short god is spirit (according to me); we call this positive spirit as god. According to Hindu god (there are so many god in Hindu religion) is Ram, Krishna, Shiva and many other god. According to Muslim god is Allah. There is Jesus as god of Christian religion. After all this I have this question ‘who is god?’ I gate answer s above and another one is god is who work something different from the common people. They do some spiritual things like they fight with bad things. For example Lord Rama fight with Rakshasa called Ravan, that why he become god, and look other god the also do this type of work in their life so they become god.
          In short a person needs someone or something in which they put their faith on in and get inspiration from it. If person get some positive energy from anything it become god for her or his. I think god is beautiful thing, though and positive spirit which helps people for come out from fear and do something different.
          Other question is where is god? Some says that god is within us. So what is the need of go to temple. Why we create huge temple of god, is god live in temple? If god is within us so why we go to temple? Because there is some positive energy found in place. Some place gives peace and pleasure. I am believer of god but not in formed god (Murti pooja). God is everywhere in world, not only in temple.     

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