Friday, 4 March 2016

Da Vinci Code

 Various Interpretations of Da Vinci Code

       Dan Brown says that this book, ‘Da Vinci Code’ is not anti-religious book. He says that it is ‘an entertaining story that promotes spiritual discussion and debate’. In entire novel we found that there is everything goes with anti-Christianity. Even Sophie Neuve also not believe in all those things and doubting on Christianity. At some part professor Langdon also not believe in Christianity. But at the end of the novel or movie we found that Langdon says that ‘’christ is with me’, it seems like in his entire journey he feels that Jesus is with him, and help him. At some level it is also true, when we think about Sophie as a bloodline of Jesus, then it is possible. She helps Langdon in his journey. Above sentence of Langdon reestablish Christian.

·       From the beginning of the human life we found there is always suppression of women in society, literature as well as in films also. There is objectification of woman in everywhere. From the Bible to paradise lost of Milton and Da Vinci Code, there is sup ration of woman is found in literature also. When we look at portrayal of ‘Ophelia’ in Kenneth Branagh’s Hamlet, we found that her character is much suppressed. She cannot give appropriate space. There is also some objectification of her in the movie. Elizabeth of Marry Shelley’s Frankenstein also there is suppression of woman as same we found in Ophelia’s character. Eve in paradise lost, Milton and Heater Pryen in Scarlet letter they both have given some argumentative voice they both are stand against society. Hester is stand agents society but she is also out casted from the society. Milton gave some argumentative voice to Eve. In the character of Hermione and Sophie Neuve this both women are modern women. In the film we found that they both have given voice and represent as knowledgeable and intellectual girl. But still at the end of the episode all credit goes to men. In the beginning of the movie ‘Da Vinci Code’ we found that Sophie is shown as powerful and knowledgeable. But when it comes to end power goes to man, man overpowering to woman. No doubt that in the last two movies they also care for famine sacredness. In modern literature women are presented in batter way rather than past literature and movies.     

·       In Hindi movies we also found some similar kind of things related with god and religious. We have film P.K. and O.M.G. those two movies are similar kind of movies which are also controversial because they both represent negative side of god. In the movie O.M.G. we found that protagonist registered case on god. He stared asking question on god. in P.K. movie religious guru use the remote control of p.k. as ‘Ashirvad’ of god. In the both movie we found that indirectly they try to say that, because of fear there is believer of god. There is also fear of god among the mind of god. In movie ‘Life of Pi’ there is also representation of god. Pi Patel also says that he feel god with him during his journey. One similar thing in all movies that in entire movie all protagonists are anti-religious. At the end they all are became believer of god. As same in case of Swamivivekanand that he was very intellectual person and very knowledgeable person, but at last what he do? He also goes with god.           


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