Thursday, 3 March 2016

Harry Potter

My View on Harry Potter (book and Film also) 

First of all what is children's literature: children’s literature is good quality trade books for children. Harry Potter is children book some people might suggest “children’s book” but it is doubtful that, they are right. Because Harry Potter books are appeal to many children but is children’s books really a genre of literature – apart from preschool fantasy books.
            Perhaps a detective story for children is not as complicated as one for adults but is still a detective story, and it is like that the child who loves such stories will grow into an adult. Who loves such only on a higher level but we cannot classify harry potter primarily as children’s literature book but as fantasy literature.
Harry potter is interesting book and every part is gives moral lesson to us. For example love, family friends and relationship. Children literature is like sweet layer on bitter pill, same children’s literature is for children but deep satire on society. In children’s literature hero is generally in green shade, it means hero is child and immature, innocent, trustworthy and undoubting. And villain is more mature.
When children are watching this movie, they only enjoyed it. But whereas ta mature person watching this movie they started analyzing it, started looking it with different theory. Harry potter is horror books but children lot of enjoy. End of the novel is happy ending, and children’s literature. And it is also a kind of realistic literature, because it deals with the many them like love, death, faith, loyalty, relationship and many other things. There are so many theories which are applied on this book, so it is kind of realistic literature.
·        Feminism deals with the social and political rights and equality of women cultural, economic and social freedom of women. In this book we found that female character have given some voice and power. For example Hermione is more knowledgeable than both other (male) character. One day Ron says that without Hermione they cannot survive, but Ron says to Harry that do not told her about it. It is also anti-feminist view. Harry’ smother is also more powerful than her husband. Even most of the horcruxes are destroyed by male characters, but point is that they are unable to find all those horceuxes without her help. But at last credit goes to man. No doubt that Hermione given some voice but not given appropriate space to her which she deserves. When we look at the end we found that at some level it is anti-feminist book.

·        Here in this novel we found Racism and issue of pure blood. In the last book we found that so many references of muggle blood and half blood and pure blood.Main protagonist are half blood and villain is also half blood. We also compare ‘pure blood’ with ‘white people’, ‘half-blood’ with ‘mulatto’ and ‘muggle’ with ‘black people’. Throughout the reading of this novel we also can says that it doesn’t make any different to your magical power, whether you muggle blood or pure blood. It’s your power and knowledge, for example Hermione is muggle blood but she is more powerful then Ron, who belongs to ‘pure blood family’.                                           

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