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What I think about 'Sense of an Ending'

What I think about 'Sense of an Ending'

The novel ‘Sense of an Ending’ by Julian Barn, it is psychological thriller novel. There is use of the word “Blood Money” is used by Veronica for the money given by Sarah Ford to Tony Webster. Tony was not able to understand why Sarah has given money to him so he asked Veronica. Veronica gives reply “Blood Money”. For Veronica it is blood money. Indirectly she says that you have given money for doing something wrong. Because Tony, in letter suggest Adrian to asked Veronica’s mother. Adrian goes and meets her mother. Sarah Ford gives money to Tony for saying thank to Tony. But Veronica’s relation is died because of her mother’s affair with Adrian. Her life was spoiled that’s why she called it ‘Blood money’. Here another secret is revealed that why Sarah Ford have dairy of Adrian, with her. Tony was confused that why Mrs. Sarah Ford have Adrian’s dairy? Then he understands that Adrian and Mrs. Sarah Ford are the parents of Junior Adrian. That’s why she knows that in their last day Adrian was happy and she have Adrian’s diary.

  The equation Means b =baby or young Adrian, s = Sarah, V= Veronica, a= Adrian.

b = s – v x/+ a1 means, Young Adrian, b is a result of Sarah's relationship with Adrian (x/+) here broken relation of Adrian and Veronica (-). The baby is result of negative relation of Adrian and Mrs. Sarah Ford. 

a2 + v + a1 X s = b?  a2 means Anthony ( Adrian call Tony with his full name Anthony) It says relationship of Tony with Veronica, and her relationship with Adrian. And Adrian and Sarah's relationship multiplies by ‘b’ the birth of baby or young Adrian. Instate of Veronica and Adrian the baby was of Mrs. Sarah Ford and Adrian. Adrian wish that, the baby is from him and Veronica.

It is right that Tony is unreliable narrator. Because it is memory novel and he also says that I can’t remember thing in chronological way. He is unreliable, because ‘He cannot understand things properly’. So, what he narrating it was his understanding of the events, that’s why he is not reliable narrator and we cannot believe in his narration. He himself flossy fields his first narration that, Veronica is suffering from his statement which is written by him in letter. And junior Adrian is child of Veronica and Adrian. First he also says that Adrian suicide is philosophical one. But at the end of novel we found that he himself says that Adrian’s death is not philosophical but he tries to escape from reality.       

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