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Selected poem of Robert Frost

Selected poem of Robert Frost
·       His subject are universal. He deals with nature, death and also dark side of nature.
1.    Stopping by Woods on a Snowy evening
“Woods are lovely dark and deep.” In this poem he talks about beauty of nature. There is one traveler with his horse passing through dark forest. They both stopped near to one tree. At that time traveler think about god. Here we found journey of individual, one have to move ahead. He want to stay there but he gives promises to his own self so, he must go ahead. “Milles to go before I sleep”. It was darkest evening of the year.  He talks about journey of life to death, that traveler have to do so many works in his life before his death.
2.                        Design
Here in this poem poet talks about the design of nature. When we hired the word design we think about something beautiful and lovely design. But here in poem we found that there is design of darkness, darkness of nature. In the poem there is design of three white things, moth, white flower, and white spider. The moth is innocent that it is not aware about the spider hide behind the white flower. The white flower becomes reason of death of moth. Generally white is symbol of smoothing good and this white flower is healing flower, sometimes white is also dangerous.  White flower and black dark night, it shows dark design of nature. There is death of something and nature is responsible for it. Sometimes it happed that, like in Gujarat “Je poshtu te Martu a cram dise kudarati.” In this poem we can says that white spider is savior of white flower.  Through this poem port tries to show darker side of nature.
3.                        Home Burial
In this poem we found that how the death of child was happed and father used to bury his child into the garden. Garden becomes graveyard of the child. Here not only death of child but also death of parents. Here is two words ‘Home’ and ‘Burial’. Home stands for positive things, Loveliness, family and life. Whereas burial stand for negative things, graveyard, death. All opposed to home. After the burial of child mother don’t want to live in this house. As a man father is very practical were as mother is too much sensitive and emotional. Being man her husband order she and she have to obey him. The word “Dear” is use in negative sense. There is nothing like dear but her husband use word dear for her. We found death of relation of mother and father, also death of family.

4.                         Mending Wall
This poem is about two neighbors and their farm. Relation of two neighbors, they believe that “good fancies make good neighbors”. Fancies are good for the relation of other people. There is some gaps in the wall of farm, and surprising to know that both neighbor working on the one wall. But there is no conversation between them. Both are repairing the wall because some rabbits and other small creature are coming and going through this hole. We found that there is season of spring. They both have different kind of trees in their farms, one has pineapple and other have apple. We found that the trees have no any kind boundaries, because they are natural. Nature hasn’t made any kind of boundary, but all this boundaries are made by humans.

5.                        The Gift Outright
This poem is about two nations. The new nation have no any kind of culture, it is stolen by the other nations. America is growing nation it haven’t anything is their Own.  One is growing nation, but it started ruling over the world. Narration of nation is like feminine gender. Land take showed as feminine gender it is muted and also masteries.  Power goes to other people. Small nation become powerful and started ruling over the world.

6.                        Fair and Ice
Here in this poem Frost write about two different words, fire and ice. Fire stands for passion and ice stands for desire. Here poet tries to balance between fire and ice. Sometimes human emotion becomes fire and sometimes ice. In this poem poet uses paradox. Some people says that world will end with fire and some people says that world will end with ice. This both things become reason the fall of human beings.     


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