Thursday, 4 February 2016


"Hamlet by Shakespeare"

It was wonderful experience of screening of the movie ‘Hamlet’ written by Shakespeare.
 In the movie many things are faithful to the play which was originally written by William Shakespeare. All the dialogues which are spoken by the characters in the movie, we find the same dialogues in the original play. All the characters are faithful to the play. The clothing and setting are not faithful to the original play. Because in Elizabethan period there were no palace and clothes are found which we can see the movie.
 In the play Ophelia is marginalized character. She is not given much space in the original play. When in the movie Ophelia get chance to present her more. Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are presenting intelligent in original play but in movie they are shown as foolish men. In the movie I found the aesthetic delight, when he read a book and Polonius asked him that “what are you reading?” And he gives answer that “words words… words…” The second scene in which I feel aesthetic delight is when he behave like mad person his uncle and other courtiers. When he remembered happy moments of his childhood with his court jester.  I feel catharsis when Hamlet talks rudely with his mother. The second scene is when Ophelia cry on the death of her father and she became mad. And also Hamlet’s misbehavior with Ophelia and Ophelia’s tragic death.
 I read the play I have my own imaginations and ideas of the play and after watching the movie I get proper ideas and imaginations to understand the play in the correct way. I understand the play better than reading and also helpful for my examination. I remember the scene when Hamlet and his friend Horatio at last when Horatio ready to die with Hamlet because Horatio cannot live without Hamlet. But Hamlet told him to live and tell my story to everyone. This scene shows the deep friendship of Hamlet and Horatio.
As a director I would like to give chance to Rosencrantz and Guildenstern to present himself and I cannot give death to them because they are innocent.
     In the beginning of the play the statue was stand in the front of the gate. It was king Hamlet’s statue. The play begins with the death of the king Hamlet and prince Hamlet’s revenge of his father’s death. At last statue was broken which saw that now the play ends and all are dead. I think that to take revenge is bad and that is why all this tragic things was happened in the play. The broken statue represents the tragic fall of all country and family. In first scene statue shows the dignity and power of the king and in the end it become powerless and reason of tragic fall. It also symbol of the victory of Fort bras.
      While studying the play through movie I think feminist approach is more applicable because in the play women are marginalized. Hamlet love Ophelia but he was not trust on her and he misbehave with her.

            Before showing this movie I was not very clear about this approach but when I show the movie, it is all clear in my mind. I show the act of misbehavior of Hamlet with both Ophelia and his mother.

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