Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Need of Temple

 Is Temple need of Society?

In ‘Bharat’ we found that there is religion is gender biased as well as cast bias also. In past time we found that some cast wont allowed entering into temple.  We also found this kind of things happened in Mosques. Yes ‘Bharat’ is patriarchal country; rather we can say that entire world is patriarchal. So, everything is ruled by men. Apart from this we can says that temple create boundary in mind of people. They (temple) create gender distance. Here we found that money and power also plays vital role. When we look at past time there is no entry in temple for some poor people. Yes, we found still in many temples we found that women are not allowed to enter in some arias, like in ‘Shiva temple’, in Swaminarayn temples and Mosques. There are some arias are forbidden for women. Religion and temples are for connecting people, but now we can says, it become toll of depart. “If there is God there is no gender discrimination.” Because God never depart their children, and if God makes different among man and women so, there is no need of So-called God or idea of God. The society says that all men and women are equal, women get right to vote but women are not allowed to enter in temples. What is it? It shows narrowness of ‘Bhartiy Smaj’.  Here I remember one line form George Orwell’s ‘Animal farm’ there is one good line in this novel is “ALL ANIMALS ARE EQUAL BUT SOME ARE MORE EQUAL.” Same thing in society all are equal bat only men are allowed to enter in Mosque, Shiva temple, Swaminarayana temple, Jain temple, in short all Hindu temples. Women also not allowed doing some kind of warship of god.  
I like these two lines from article.
1)   Before temple people worshiped rocks and river and stars: Kumbh Mela is a classic example of Hindu ritual that does not involve any artificial structure. 
2)   The physical boundaries express psychological boundaries that emerged long ago, before the structures, before gods and goddesses, in the earliest phases of civilization, when humanity emerged out of the animal kingdom and sought meaning.


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