Friday, 5 February 2016

‘The White Tiger'

‘The White Tiger'

‘The White Tiger’ by Arvind Adiga. Yes it half reality of India. Because it is literature and literature is not full truth. At some level we found that what happed in novel similar kind of thing are happened in India also. Here we can says that the idea of Umashankar Joshi about “The idea of Indian literature.” India has so many languages, so it is too difficult to understand entire Indian literature. India has ‘Gujarati literature’, ‘Marathi literature’ and much other literature of different regions. So we can say that there is nothing like Indian literature. “Indian literature written in different language.” No doubt that literature is mirror of society or reflection of this novel is kind of X-ray image of India. Homi K. Bhabha’s idea of ‘Narration of nation’ in literature. Culture, custom of cast, blindness of bureaucracy all things are reflected in literature. Faruk Dhondy tells about how nation and novel and how novel represent nation. This novel is half-truth about India.
Balaram’s story is story archetype of ‘rags to riches’ it are the story of son of rickshaw puller, who become entrepreneur. His journey ‘chaivala’ boy to entrepreneur. How one poor person becomes job giver? It is also true that without corruption one cannot become rich. In country like India generally all people like to this kind of story which deals the story of person who is poor then become rich. In India ‘chaivala’ become minster, there no surprise that ‘chaivala’ become entrepreneur. This kind of archetypal of this kind story of ‘rags to riches are found in cinema also. We have movie like ‘slumdog millionaire’, this move is also represent this kind of story like how one poor boy become millionaire. In all this kind of story we found that, all those people have not completed their school or education. They all learn from their experience of life. Same in Balaram’s story, he was not able to get education in school but he learns from live experience of his life. This novel shows the dark side of entrepreneur or enterprise.

It is true that language bears within itself. The text itself gives idea to deconstruct it. Here in this novel we found that Balaram says that it is the ‘autobiography of half-baked Indian’. Through this line we must think that how reliable person is Balaram? Because he himself says that he is half baked Indian man. Text itself gives hint to deconstruct the text. Language bears critique within itself. He himself says that he have-not see all this things. So how we depend upon information given by him. How one can reliable on his ‘Half Truth’ and through this point everything can be deconstructed.                                 

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