Thursday, 4 February 2016

Waiting for Godot

My view on Waiting for Godot
Movie as well as Play

Samuel get inspiration of play from the painting and create two characters one is intellectual and one was like absurd. Theme of setting is evening to night, country road and one barren tree if all are symbolic.
In this play we found one barren tree in first seen and in second act we found some four and five lives are grown up. In first seen when Vladimir sees tree live without and says “No more wiping”. Nothingness is there in tree but in second seen there are some lives agreed grown up. It shows there is something in nothingness. In second seen we found live suggest that the time is moving.
 In Waiting for Godot, what they both are doing?  They are Waiting for Godot, and waiting is endless process same evening translate into night, it's endless process.
Setting of the play is near or around the debris, it shows there is nothingness. “Nothing can be done.” It is also shows reflection of human mind. In setting there is one barren tree. I show there is something in nothingness. Tree stands for hope also, in the setting all rubbish things are found, it means there is so many troubles are there, but tree is for hope, somebody is come.
 Beginning itself show or intrudes that what is in the play? We found there is nothingness’s in the play. Play begins with the dialog of Estragon, he try to remove his boots and says “nothing to be done”. They both cannot do anything, they just killing their time in waiting for Mr. Godot, who is never going to come.
 The play is deeply philosophical play. Yes it is positive play; it is not negative, not pessimistic play. In this play writer has covered all the event of our life. In present of absurd way he shows reality of human life. Our entire life is kind of waiting for death. Person do and thinking something or a person do nothing, even no thinking. This both type of person at last they meet death. Life goes on, “you can kill yourself, but you cannot kill life”.
In this play ‘what’ is symbol of thinking and mind. Boot is symbol of body and connected with food, Vladimir plays with hat, it symbolized that he was thinking, bought bible and story of two thieves. In the beginning of the play Estragon plays with boot and always asking for food and used to sleep only. Boot goes to something absurd or silly things. It is satire on Philosopher. 
 In the play we found two men Lucky and Pozzo. Pozzo was master and lucky was slave. Lucky was obedience of his master Pozzo. In second seen we found Pozzo was blind, if Lucky wish he can escape from slavery but he could not escape. He likes to be slave of his master. It is unbelievable. 
 I think that Godot was death. In our life we bourn and what we do in our entire life, we just waiting for death. In the play we found that Vladimir and estragon waiting for Godot, they don’t know anything about Godot but them just waiting for him.
 Yes in the play the subject not Godot but waiting. Waiting is endless process. In play we found both are waiting for Godot, but Godot never comes. They just waiting and killing their time, in waiting and doing silly things. 
 When we read we have our own imagination for the play. When we visualized the play we must have or force to show whatever camera wants to shows us. Both are effective, sometime we understand or got something new form visual play. How dialogues are speak in, with proper tone of dialogues. 
Vladimir and Estragon both are waiting for Godot they both doing silly things. They want to hang themselves. Many other useless conversations are going on. They wasted their time. But their dialogues are representing reality of human life. Pozzo and Lucky come and spend some time with them. Vladimir was used to talk with the boy asks some question. He tries to get information regarding Godot. Search for self. 
Yes at some time we found effect of existentialism in the play. Meaninglessness of human life, here we competed with myth of sissifies. Humans are come wait for death, and death come and they died. Universal truth is human existent. At some point we can says that that they both waiting for Godot, who never comes. There is always hope for tomorrow. 
 The idea of suicide is connected with existentialism. Vladimir and Estragon both are waiting for Godot. There is hope for tomorrow but tomorrow never comes. We found Nietzsche idea regarding ‘Ubermensch’. Both are believer of god so they think bought and waiting for Godot. Philosophical suicide.   These play written just after world war so we found some effect of war inn to the play. Here we found politics of the European nation, is represent by name of character of the play. Vladimir –Russia, Estragon- France, Pozzo – Italy and Lucky- England. We found that Beckett have some personal dislike for England that’s why may be Beckett give and create characters like Lucky.
In this play we can says that Beckett was disciple of Joyce and Joyce hated England. Here we found characters of Pozzo and Lucky, master and slave relation.

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