Friday, 5 February 2016

Bajiraow Mastani

Movie Review of ‘Bajiraow Mastani’

The movie ‘Bajiraow Mastani’ is kind of historical movie; it is based on history of Peshva khandan. It is interesting interview of director of the movie “Bajiraow Mastani”. They try to represent history in movie, so we have to remember that film is also kind of drama. That’s why they have used some dramatic liberties. It is very difficult to convert historical event in movie. Director tries to show past (historical event) in present time, rather we can say in modern way. In this modern time it becomes craze among film industry that making film or T.V. serials from historical events, also historical character. When we think about history it is kind of literature (both are not same), because it also written by man. History talks about only those who are winners. What about other who have lost their life and those who are loser?

       Now a days so many T.V. serials and movies on past, but their way of presenting is modern.  Director tries to connect past and present through this kind of movies and serials. When we talk about history of ‘Jodha Akbra’ there is big different between movie, serial and history. Also in these serials like “Maharana Pratap”, “Veer Shivaji”, in both serials we found that director use dramatic liberty and make more romantic kind of person. Both the characters are brave and fight for their motherland not for India. Same in this movie “Bajiraow Mastani” director make character more romantic; they use some “masala stuff” in movie. Which are demands of people or today’s audience. It is very difficult task, convert historical event in to movie.        

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